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Firebox & SMOK QBOX set

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Probably one of the best devices out there right now. Coming from a puffco fanatic, Hits on Hand truly delivers what everyone is looking for when it comes to pens. Whether you're on the beach, mountain or at home, FireBox wont disappoint!

Kyle M.

After using it I can't wait to get one of my own. I won't go with anything else. FIREBOX is the best there is!!

Mikkille S.

This thing is "dope". Self-loadable, consistently hard-hitting, easily conceal-able, and universal pocket dabber (technically a vaporizer, but it's future-tech). One of those things that you can't truly understand until you try it out.

Kenneth C.

This device is by far the best product out there:) hits like 🔥🔥🔥 highly recommended!

Cassie H.

These guys are putting out an awesome product! It is absolutely crazy to think people buy quality products but use below par equipment.
Worth the investment 4sure!

Doug L.